For those reading this note about Gary's Hobbie Shop, I want to tell you where I first heard about Gary and Barbara.  I was about 125 miles from home, on a scouting ride, checking some back roads, etc. (I am the ride coordinator for our Goldwing Road Riders Chapter in Winder Ga) and while I was pulled off to the side of the road entering GPS coordinates to reuse later, a man pulled up beside me on a Goldwing, and as we talked  for a few minute, we decided to ride together the rest of the day, and even had lunch along the way.  Why am I telling you this?  Because this guy told me that NOBODY touches his bike for any reason, except Gary Thayer at Gary's Hobbie Shop.  Hmmm, I need to file that away for potential use down the road I told myself.  Oh and this guy lives about 80 miles away from Gary's shop!  I live about 60 miles away.
Well, a year to two later, I met Barbara for the first time at a Goldwing Road Riders chapter event in McDonough Ga and called  her a short time later to set up an appointment to leave my bike for service (and new safety chrome and lights to be added to my bike).   I got my bike back with a detailed explanation from Gary about the condition of my bike, what he checked and double checked, etc.  I was ready to go.  Couldn't have been any happier with the outcome, ready to ride, ride, ride again.
Down the road over the next year, I developed a couple of issues with the lighting that was added to my bike.  Uh oh, you may be thinking, but you know what?   I had done business with Gary and Barbara, it wasn't going to be an issue.  And, it wasn't.  I took my bike in, got the lights replaced, back on the road.  No worries.  Well, another side of my bike developed an issue (all of these issues were with Kuryakyn lights), and once again, no worries, took my bike in, all taken care of as usual.
Bottom line, remember I learned about Gary and Barbara from that first conversation with a guy up in the North Ga Mountains, they are THE place to have your Goldwing worked on, serviced, pampered, taken care of, period end of sentence.  Is it the most convenient place for me, living 60 miles away....absolutely not!   But, knowing that my bike is in the best hands possible, and knowing they stand behind their work and their products and now  also having the good fortune to know Gary and Barbara personally, you should think long and hard about making a trip to see them for service on your Goldwing.   You will be glad you did.
Oh and by the way, you need to call Barbara and make an appointment.  They are always busy, and that is because people like me (and there are a lot of us), choose them to do the work and service on our bikes, so call and get on the schedule, or call and ask Barbara to call you if a slot opens up, so your bike can get the best service anywhere!

                                                                                    Glenn W.

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