Riding on all Black & Yellow thanks to Gary's Hobbie Shop.
Check out the RIMS!!!!
T.D. Reed


Customer Service

We just took delivery of one of the first California Side Car "IS Sport" conversions for the 1500 Goldwing, from Gary's Hobbie Shop, in McDonough, Ga. During the assembly, Gary found a small design flaw in the trunk lid, which allowed water into the trunk. Now he could have let us take delivery & find the leak later but instead he spent hours, with the factory's help, but was unable to solve the problem. So he made arrangements with the factory in Arrington, Va. to be available on Sunday morning. He loaded my trike Saturday after work & drove over 500 miles to Va. Sunday morning he met with factory personnel & had a tech work several hours on a modification to fix the problem. He then drove back home that day. This speaks very highly of both Gary's Hobbie Shop & CSC. If you want a shop that gives this kind of service, with people that make sure that your bike leaves correctly the first time, be sure to take it to Gary's Hobbie Shop. Both Gary & Barbara are top notch.




Last year I told Gary that when I took my hands off the handle bars it wobbled bad. He said don't take your hands off. Well now it is as smooth as a sewing machine, no wobble at all. Thank you very much. I am depending on you to help me keep my bike in top shape so I appreciate your ideas and help. Thanks!!
                                                                              Ken M.

Great Service in McDonough, GA

I was participating in this year's 40 to Phoenix run when I had was perceived by many to be a rear master cylinder problem on my 1996 1500 GW trike. At dinner Friday night in Conyers, GA (hosted by Chapters A and S) I was referred to Gary's Hobbie Shop in McDonough.

Saturday AM I started to Gary's when the rear brakes locked again.. Called GW Rescue a for a tow. Gary's initial inspection agreed with my assessment. He had a 1990 GW kit that he could scavenger parts to make my rear brakes "well" again.

During removal of parts off my trike he found a shiny radio knob wedged between the heel rest of my floorboard and the brake pedal. Gary removed the knob and tested brakes. They worked like a champ and I was on my way in under 2 hours with a minor $65.00 bill instead of a 3-figure bill.

Tip of the hat to Gary. He's located 17 miles south of Conyers at 411 Crumbley Rd, McDonough, Ga. 770-914-0407.

NOTE: Think knob was knocked off radio console previous night when uncovering radio after a day of rain.
                                                                                      GWRRA BBS

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