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I just wanted to say that when I called yesterday to say “WOW” I didn’t just mean “WOW” for the way the Gerbing gear performs I also meant “WOW” for the dual controller install.  It looks great, it performs great, it’s just the way I had hoped it would come out. What a terrific job. Thank you for the excellent work you do. I know my Wing is in good hands when I leave it with you guys.

                                                                                      Bob M.
                                                                                      Flovilla, GA


Wendy and I were on our vacation at the Grand Canyon National Park when we heard a grinding noise when I applied the brakes. I say we but it was Wendy who first noticed the noise and finally convinced me to listen. My first inspection failed to find the source of the noise but looking farther on my second try the next day I found that the inside of a rear brake rotor had groves. I called Gary, as I usually do to get his input, and we decided it was best to get to a Honda dealer as soon as possible and to call him when I got there. The Gold Book showed closest dealer was in Flagstaff AZ. And off we went. The service manager told me that since it was a trike even if he found the problem he would not have the parts. I called Gary and explained my situation and that the service manager advised me to head to Phoenix where there were more dealers. This was good because that was on our list of places to visit. This is where the customer care and service really gets good. Gary called me and told me that he had found a dealer in Phoenix, had discussed my problem, given him my name and told him I was on my way there. I arrived at the dealer and the trike was taken into the shop immediately and looked at by the mechanic. The problem was one of the brake pads, I found out that there are eight, was worn down to the metal and was advised to change them all. I agreed and told them to get on with it and was told that they did not have the pads in stock and it would be five or six day before they could get them. Not what I wanted to hear so what did I do, call Gary. Gary talked to the service manager and the result was Gary shipped the necessary parts next day to the dealer and we were on our way. Thanks to Gary’s Hobbie Shop our vacation was not spent at a Honda dealer in Phoenix AZ.
                                                                     Norman & Wendy M.

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